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You Are Not Alone
What is Buds Of Purpose?
One Mom's Story
Infertility and abortion:  two words that pain my heart.  My daughter Laura, who has learning disabilities, became pregnant.  When we first found out we were devastated because my husband and I were beginning to start to enjoy time alone again, and actually, that was selfish thinking.  You see Laura was born at only four and a half pounds and we knew from the start that there could be some learning difficulties.  She was diagnosed with Apraxia as a baby and later with learning disabilities.  She was home schooled and I feel very strongly that she learned at a faster pace because she was taught one on one.

After graduation, she decided to go to a trade school for learning disabled adults.  She did wonderfully and passed with good grades.  The she starting dating a man and discovered that she was pregnant.  I remember crying and feeling that I had failed in teaching her what intimacy truly was and that it should be saved for a husband and a wife.  I felt so sick in my heart thinking that she could not raise a child.  Questions began to play in my mind:  "What is going to happen?".  I felt like a failure as a mother and as a Christian

We attempted to have her placed on disability.  We were sent to a psychiatrist to confirm the learning disability.  He told us that she had been wrongly diagnosed as a child and that she was autistic.  We were afraid for this babys future.  It would have been very easy for my daughter to keep her pregnancy a secret from us and to have an abortion would have torn my heart.  You see, the yearning to be a mother has been in me for as long as I can remember.  I could never have a child, so my husband and I have eight adopted children.  There were four special women who made a choice to choose life for their babies so we could be parents.

We were in the delivery room when our daughter gave birth to our grandson.  I will never forget the overwhelming feelings of joy and Gods awesome power when our grandson entered this world.  When I first held him in my arms every fear left my mind and my heart.  He and Laura live with us.  My husband and I have custody.  She loves him but knows that is she is not able to be his primary caregiver.  He has become the joy of our lives.  My husband is daddy-pappy and is anxious each day to see his grandsons bubbling personality when he returns home from work.  Our grandson has blessed our family and I praise God that Satan did not snatch his little life away from us through abortion.

He is the happiest little boy!  He is not an inconvenience or a problem.  He is our son and grandson.  I am thankful that there were women who said no to abortion and that God chose me to be their babys mother.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might decide to keep your baby.  But if you cant, you can make a positive change in another persons life by saying yes to adoption.  It wont be easy, just remember that God will make a way where there seems to be o way.  Through Buds of Purpose, you will have many people praying for you, loving you, and supporting you.

In God's Love, Brenda 

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