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What is Buds Of Purpose?
Ambrosia Sensenig
My name is Ambrosia Sensenig and I am nineteen years old and I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.  He is due on March 11th and his name will be Calden Nicholas Sensenig.  I have stayed at Buds of Purpose Maternity Home for around five months now.  I moved out of my parent’s house two weeks after graduation from Hanover High School and a month later I found out I was pregnant.  I told my parents I was pregnant when I was four months pregnant and I got really sick with a kidney infection.  I had also signed up to go to Empire Beauty School that very same month.  I wanted to move back in with my parents and three sisters, but the landlady said I couldn't because there would be too many people in the house.  I remember feeling a new total feeling of being lost and homeless.  I grew up in a Christian family and had accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, but I never felt I was close to him or he was there for me.  But my mom called her pastor at Memorial Baptist Church of advice and guidance.  He had told my mom to call Tender Care Pregnancy Center because I made the decision of keeping my baby.  So my mom called Tender Care and they gave us the number of Buds of Purpose Maternity home.

My mom called and we made an appointment to come for an interview.  I was feeling nervous and scared.  If they didn’t say I could come here, I didn’t know where I would be today.  We had the interview and they told my mom and me that they would think about me coming there and they would call me in two days to tell me the verdict.  I remember feeling still lost and homeless and scared and felt like God was telling me everything was going to be okay and to trust him to work things out.  I let God take control and it all worked out.  We called Alice and Donald back two days later and got were told that Sunday they could bring me here to stay until the baby is born.
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